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WE RECOMEND YOU FEW THINGS TO HAVE A GOOD EXPERIENCE STREAMING CONTENT FROM SABRINA SABROK VIP AREA IN GENERAL , HD video playback requires a better than average internet connection and computer processor, so if you have a slow connection or older computer, you may experience issues. If you are experiencing slow playback you may try one of the following to resolve this:
  1. Turn off other programs or energy saving settings as they may interfere with HD video playback.
  2. Stop any files downloading in the background
  3. Select a lower video quality. The default quality is set to HD 720P which could be too heavy / big for your current internet connection. Click on the settings button under the video player and make your selection under “Video Quality.”
  4. Try closing other browser tabs.
  5. Try another browser we recommend the latest versions of the following browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari.
  6. For reliable streaming we recommend selecting the RTMP method. If the video is slow or buffers frequently, switch to the HTTP setting. Click the settings button under the video player and make your selection under “Streaming Method”. Depending on your internet connection speed and the playback quality you have selected, you may find one of these methods work better than the other.
  7. Contact your internet provider and check your connection status.
  8. Get the latest Adobe Flash player version installed.
  9. To cancel a membership you need to get in contact with our billing partner Centrobill.

Regarding all support request related to this site please contact us via email at